I love entering awards as it encourages me to push the boundaries of design and possibility.

I have been awarded the following



First place in the Peoples Choice Award in the Queensland Boulder Opals Associations 'Queen of Gems' Design Awards



Commendation from the Judges for the Professional Jeweller category



Second place in the Peoples Choice Award in the Cygnet Bay Pearls Jewellery Design Awards



Apprentice of the year, Queensland Apprentice Jewellery Design Awards

Best Overall Design

Best Technical Aspects

Best Portfolio

Winner of 'Ethics in Jewellery'



2nd Place in the state World Skills Competition

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Design is simply infinite possibility waiting to happen, what it waits on is human imagination to crystallise its possibility.


-Author Unknown

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    Dianne (Monday, 23 April 2018 07:30)

    Just curious to how much the men's wedding bands are.
    Thank You

  • #1

    Jared Cosford (Friday, 30 March 2018 06:25)

    My wife meant more to me than a ring picked off the shelf of a shop front. She is more to me than the ring everyone else looked at and said ‘no’ to. So when Ange helped me turn my thoughts, feelings and dreams into a ring she was proud to wear and have me with a matching ring, the symbol of our feelings for each other is completely designed and created by our feelings for eacother. Ange - thank you so much for getting my thoughts into a ring as beautiful as what my wife gets to enjoy wearing every day of her life.