Designed with Passion, Crafted with Precision

About Me

I became a jeweller after falling head over heels in love with an opal and I've never looked back It just felt so natural to pursue a creative job, I've been painting and creating things with my hands since I was a child.  I love working closely with my clients as I get the satisfaction of seeing a whole job through from the designing stages to seeing your delight as you open the box.  When you come to me you get to speak directly with the person who will be doing the work, this ensures you get what you really want, there's nothing 'lost in translation'.  


I can take care of all your jewellery needs.   With over a decade of experience and a lot of passion for what I do, I can help with everything from fixing your broken chain to adjusting your favourite pair of earrings, in the Services Overview you will see a more comprehensive list of what I can do.  From Wedding bands and Engagement rings to Maternity jewellery and re-designing jewellery that's not quite working for you into something you'll want to wear every day.


My Philosophy is simple, it's all about making you happy.  I strive to make jewellery that exceeds your expectations in beauty, style and wearbility.  I promise to make jewellery that is made to last, not 5 years, but with maintenance, 5 lifetimes and more.  I promise to listen to you and work with you to create pieces that you absolutely love and adore!