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With Thanks To Steph


Just have to pinch myself at times when I wear my ring, your amazing creation. Love seeing the diamonds in the basket, with the little rubies. Such Joy to know an amazing Designer and Jeweller, in our very own Redlands.

Steph 2018


With Thanks To Rhonda

Picked up my Aquamarine Bracelet today OMG it is so amazing so pleased with it.
Angela you are so talented your work is impeccable and I feel each piece you make
is treated like it is yours. Thanks again I really love it.

Rhonda 2018


With Thanks to Jared Cosford

My wife meant more to me than a ring picked off the shelf of a shop front. She is more to me than the ring everyone else looked at and said ‘no’ to. So when Ange helped me turn my thoughts, feelings and dreams into a ring she was proud to wear and have me with a matching ring, the symbol of our feelings for each other is completely designed and created by our feelings for each other. Ange - thank you so much for getting my thoughts into a ring as beautiful as what my wife gets to enjoy wearing every day of her life.

Jared Cosford 2017


With Thanks to Nicolet Badenhorst:

Leaving my wedding and engagement ring with anyone I do not know, is not something I am eager to do. But as the claws of my rings were really worn through, I did not have much of a choice. The manner in which Angela took possession of my rings and the way she handled them with the same sentiment that I do, immediately made me feel at ease. I knew they were in safe hands! Despite her busy schedule, she worked as fast as possible to finish the job, yet that did not influence the quality of her work at all. She repaired the claws in a such a flawless manner that I can not even see signs that repair work has been done on the rings. My rings look like they did the day that I bought them. She also cleaned them and they look sparkling new! And the way she returned them, made me feel like I was receiving a new gift. The work was beyond my expectations in the area of cost and quality of craftsmanship. I would without doubt make use of her professional, friendly and reliable service again. Thank you for an outstanding job. I would recommend Angela anytime!

Nicolet Badenhorst 2013


With Thanks to Peta Campbell:

To all, if you would like a piece of Jewellery custom made to your design or even redesigned from what you have I would recommend you go and see Angela Jane Hampton and what you will see is a piece that truely shows how totally talented Angela really is. Angela you are awesome and a very caring person.

Peta Campbell 2013


With Thanks to Shiralee Kerridge:

Hi Angela. Have been meaning to write this a while. Wanted to sincerely thank you for transforming a special pendant and a simple idea into an amazing ring that has so much meaning too me. I could never have even imagined such a perfect design and beautifully created ring!!! I am so grateful. Thank you again! Shiralee

Shiralee Kerridge 2013



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    Pam & Chen 2019 (Tuesday, 03 September 2019 01:57)

    Hi Angela,
    Thank you for our beautiful wedding rings - nothing was too difficult for you & you made it so easy for us to achieve our perfect, uniquely designed, marriage bands. Our special day will always be remembered now, each & every time our hands touch.

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